Compressive Sampling in SWT-SVD-Based Video Watermarking with RS Code

  • Muhammad Umar Safi’i, Ledya Novamizanti, I Nyoman Apraz Ramatryana


Watermarking is a way to protect the copyrights of multimedia products by inserting the information (watermark) into the multimedia data (media host). The size of the watermark must be small from the host media so that the watermark does not damage the quality of the host media. Image compression uses compressive sampling-based on RS Code and Discrete Sine Transform (DST). Watermark insertion is processed on the frame of the video that has been compressed in the embedding process using Stationary Wavelet Transform (SWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) are used as data insertion methods, and OMP is proposed for image reconstruction. Compressive sampling can be used as a compression method with an average BER value of 0.152 and PSNR 33.848. This system is resistant to Gaussian Blur, Salt and Paper, and Rescaling attacks.