Effect of Charged Nanoparticles and Viscous Dissipation on the Nanofluid Flow over a Moving Plate

  • Subhashree Panda, Ashok Misra, Saroj Kumar Mishra


A steady state flow of water-Al2O3 nanofluid over a moving plate with viscous dissipation and charged nanoparticles have been carried out. The boundary layer equations of flow field are transferred to nonlinear ordinary differential equations using similarity variables and the respective computational results are obtained using bvp4c of MATLAB software. The numerical results of the flow parameters are depicted through figures and tables. It is observed that the impact of electrification of nanoparticles is to enhance the non-dimensional velocity profile of nanofluid as well as the dimensionless skin friction coefficient and rate of non-dimensional mass transfer, whereas to reduce both the normalized temperature profile of nanofluid and non-dimensional concentration distribution of nanoparticles as well as the rate of dimensionless heat transfer of nanofluid.