A Time Series Analysis of Road Accidents in Uttar Pradesh India


  • Dr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar


What are the main factors that causes fatal accidents, grievous injuries and deaths due to accidents? Factors such as type of roads, structure of roads, weather conditions, specific time and space are studied to identify a relationship between the accidents and the pertinent cause. We investigated the main causes from the official road accidents records (file data) made available from Road safety cell, Transport department, UP, India.

The available data was not in a uniform format for the given period so a few aspects could not be analyzed due to duplication or unstructured form of records. Therefore we have taken only ten factors which were uniform throughout the period of study considered.

The findings indicate that there is a significant relationship observed between the accidents form on a particular factor under study. This study will provide insights to road safety cell of Transport department to understand the critical factor of fatal accidents and what effective measures can be taken to minimize fatal road accidents.