A Study on Service Quality Emerging Needs and Challenges in Banking Sector with Special Reference to Thoothukudi District


  • P. Rajeswari, Dr. M. Murugeswari


The service sectors are mostly customer driven and their survival in the competitive environment largely depends on quality of the services provided by them. Due to the increasing competition in the service sector, providing customer care service is an important part of the organizational growth. A large number of research studies for service quality needs and challenges take place in the context of developing countries. The main objective of this paper is to critically appraise various service quality needs and challenges for future research based on the critical analysis of literature. This study aims identifies the needs and challenges of ser invice quality in developing global business. Findings of the study explore new model and direction in service quality improvement for banking sector. Data for this study is collected from primary and secondary sources. Service quality is the excellent approach and plays a key role in service sector in general and banking sector in particular to satisfy the customers' needs and retain them. The present study aims at assessing the needs and challenges of service quality in banking sector. A successful banking sector provides excellent quality service to customers, and service quality is considered the life of banks. Thus a specific technique (SERVices QUALity) called SERVQUAL was introduced for measuring service quality. The SERVQUAL model has become the most popular instrument for measuring service quality. This present study will discuss how to provide the quality of service to bank customers in Thoothukudi and to study the needs and challenges of service quality is analysis, use the SERVQUAL principles and diagrams.