A Linear Array Antenna Synthesis using PSO

  • P. V. K. Durga Prasad, S. S. Naik, P. S. R. Chowdary


The proposed paper shows that with antenna array synthesis by using particle swarm optimization (PSO). Now a day’s antenna arrays has been widely utilized in segment array radar systems, satellite communications and different domain names that are related to all conversation. In satellite communications, should be required to enhance the ability of antenna array to reduce noise and interference. Hence the patterns of the antenna array need to have decrease facet lobes, minimal controllable beam width, and the sample is symmetry in azimuth angles.

 In linear array antennas complex optimization problems cannot be applicable for nonlinear least square method. In present technology which is based on swarm intelligence. By using this swarm intelligence, it can use the algorithm of Partical Swarm Optimization (PSO) which reduces complex optimization problems. In this algorithm each particle represents a solution to the problem and also which gives global search ability by adding a constriction factor. For electromagnetic problems and mathematical functions will be reduced by using this algorithm. By using this PSO algorithm, it can be determined the desired resonant frequency, return loss and high gain factors.