Transmission Line Fault Analysis using Synchronized Phasor Measurements

  • Kunja Bihari Swain, Satya Sopan Mahato, M. Vamshi Krishna, Murthy Cherukuri


The modern power system is expanding from all directions due to the exponential increase in load and integration of renewable energy sources. It must be protected by smart sensors called synchronized phasor measuring units that provide the power system's dynamic state by placing them at the sstrategic positions of the power system. In this paper, a smart sensor called as NI based phasor measurement unit was used to detect the faults and classify the faults on transmission line. The complete analysis has been carried out on the experimental set up containing three phase AC source as three phase generator, a 400 KV, 200 km,  three-phase transmission line having same per unit values   and three phase balanced load along with a NI based PMU to extract the real-time information at a very faster speed