Techno-Economic Study of Binary Power Plant Application for Brine Heat Recovery in “X” Geothermal Field Indonesia


  • Wahyu Danumulyo, Dr. Slamet M. T.


Geothermal field in “x”field in Indonesia producing wet steam that contain hot brine as result of separation from wet steam. Currently hot brine production is injected to injection wells. The need to extract the heat from hot brine had lead to further potential assessment of binary plant technology to extract the heat from hot brine into electricity.

In this paper process simulator used to get key parameters in binary power plant cycle. Around 12.8 MW of gross electricity could be produced from 953,400 kg/h of brine production. The research then proceed to economic feasibility using scheme of split as set forth under regulation of Government of Indonesia. How attractive the application from economic side under current scheme and feasible option of how to level up economic of similar project to attract investor are presented in this paper.