Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Luo Converter based Self Tuned PID with PSO Algorithm

  • Murali Dasari, Dr. A. Srinivasula Reddy, Prof. M. Vijaya Kumar


In this paper, a Particle Swarm optimization (PSO) based PID controller is implemented For BLDC motor with Luo Converter. A PSO is designed for PIDcontroller. This study is concerned with employing permanent magnet BLDC motor drive powered from a solar photovoltaic array in which a Luoconverter is used for maximum power point tracking. Amidst the various DC-DC converters, Luoconverters are best suited for solar applications. It has high power density, high efficiency and a simple structure rendering high output voltage with small ripples. Constant Voltage (CV) Algorithm is used as the MPP tracking. The whole system is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and the results are presented.The result shows that the PSO based PIDcontroller designed is able to control the speed of BLDC motor properly with the desired response speed. The simulation will be done for Brushless DC motor with PSO using MATLAB/Simulink software the effectiveness of the proposed PSO controller is compared with ANFIS Controller.