The Efficiency of Dentifrice Abrasive Particles under Different Tooth-brushing Parameter


  • S H Sanusi
  • N Z Z Zam
  • Zaleha Mohamad
  • Fazimah Mat Noor
  • A Lajis


This study highlights the effectiveness of the three commercial abrasive particles that are widely used in toothpaste which are perlite, baking soda, and activated charcoal powder. In this study, each abrasive particle was tested under different tooth brushing parameters using an in-vitro approach to simulate the tooth brushing process. The results suggested that perlite was found to be the most effective abrasive particle to be used compared to that of the other two particles tested since it produced the highest scratch factor, deeper scratch, and wider scratch area. The results also highlight that the use of activated charcoal particles would lead to the erosion of the enamel under excessive load and prolonged use of baking soda will not be harmful. The results obtained would be useful as a benchmark for future studies in investigating the efficiency of other types of abrasive particles.